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The Gaia Revolution facilitates self-care and healing using a variety of modalities, including yoga, conscious breathing, guided meditation, art therapy, and sharing circles, under the care and guidance of expert facilitators. Tap into the innate wisdom contained within every cell of your body to align with your highest self, and learn a suite of tools designed to help you live a more mindful, joyous life. The Gaia Revolution engineers transformational experiences designed to help you see life's challenges for what they truly are: gifts to help you find your way out of the grand illusion and back to your divine state of love and flow.


This is what personal mastery looks like.


From full-fledged retreats to workshops in community spaces, we are committed to bringing you the tools you need to heal your physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. We strive for a low attendee-to-facilitator ratio, ensuring that each participant receives loads of personal and personalized attention.

YOU are at the center of everything we do here, because when you heal, you can return to your life shining brighter than ever and helping those around you heal as well. That's how the revolution happens — The Gaia Revolution! We rise together. 


Come heal, learn, and play with us!

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