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Cynthia Gomez

Tanya Rich

Tanya Rich is a certified Pilates instructor specializing in mind-body movement. Following a performing arts career, primarily as a dancer, she was introduced to several physical rehabilitation modalities to address a variety of injuries. After years of very athletic, dynamic and quite often, brutal movement, she discovered the joy of release work, and simply letting-go. But most significant was the realization of a great need to rehabilitate her relationship with her body, and ultimately with herself.

Judi Rich

Judi formally began her spiritual journey in 1992, when she discovered a Brahma Kumaris Center in her hometown of Calgary. From childhood, there had been interested in ‘the bigger questions of life’, and how the answers might contribute to a kinder world. Through the study of Raja yoga, a spiritual practice, Judi feels she has not only found the answers she sought, but re-awakened a capacity you all have for deep contentment, peace, and stability.

Helen Blaaker

Helen Blaaker has studied, practiced, and taught Raja Yoga Meditation, a form of meditation mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita for gaining understanding of and control over self, for more than 15 years. Helen's professional practice, The Easy Yogi, offers consultations in Ayurveda, an ancient system of preventative health, meditation instruction, and practical spirituality. While working in the financial industry, Helen maintains a dedicated meditation practice, blogs about spirituality, and helps people find ways to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives.

Cynthia Gomez

A lifelong student of soul science — the intersection of spirituality with every branch of knowledge — Cynthia Gomez blends spirituality, philosophy, and the sciences to help facilitate quantum healing and conscious living. She is trained in Reiki and other intersectional energy work modalities, and is a certified master life coach. She is also a writer and entrepreneur. She owns The Gaia Revolution, as well as Light Rising Publishing and StoryTime Me, which offer unique publishing solutions to produce content that facilitates empowered personal storytelling, meaning-making, and wisdom sharing to ultimately expand consciousness and connectedness, and inspire kinder living.


E.Y.E.S is the founder of Rent-Assaince Man, COO of The Easy Yogi and COO of mindfulCITY. He has worked in the food industry for approximately two decades. His philosophy on food is that the body requires nutrients to be healthy and food is just the pretty packaging for those nutrients. This is why he finds it important to create visually appealing, delectable dishes from whole foods as part of a healthy lifestyle. He is also passionate about the intersection of healthy eating and functional movement to promote longevity, vitality, and confidence.

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