Dr. Caroline Ward

Caroline Ward has been invited to teach in more than 60 countries about how to live more authentically. She has spent the last 30 years experimenting with the laws and principles of life, making her an excellent resource for those shifting towards more authentic living. As a leader and guide, she is best known for her powerful vision and intuition, her unlimited heart, and wise guidance. In the early 2000s, her Melbourne-based consulting business, About People, garnered a reputation for bringing a balance of head and heart to their work, with the ability to capture people at all levels of organizations. She is a 30-year practitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation and the author of two books, "The Four Faces of Woman" and "My Courage, Your Courage," both focusing on the transformational power of the feminine archetype. She is currently writing a memoir, "The Optimist Heart: Life Experiments in Resilience, Stamina and Unbridled Joy." 

Helen Blaaker

Helen Blaaker has studied, practiced, and taught Raja Yoga Meditation, a form of meditation mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita for gaining understanding of and control over self, for more than 15 years. Helen's professional practice, The Easy Yogi, offers consultations in Ayurveda, an ancient system of preventative health, meditation instruction, and practical spirituality. While working in the financial industry, Helen maintains a dedicated meditation practice, blogs about spirituality, and helps people find ways to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives. Helen also hosts The MindfulCity Podcast. 

Cynthia Gomez

A lifelong student of soul science — the intersection of spirituality with every branch of knowledge — Cynthia Gomez blends spirituality, philosophy, and the sciences to help facilitate quantum healing and conscious living. She is trained in Reiki and other intersectional energy work modalities, and is a certified master life coach. She is also a writer and entrepreneur. She owns The Gaia Revolution, as well as Light Rising Publishing and StoryTime Me, which offer unique publishing solutions to produce content that facilitates empowered personal storytelling, meaning-making, and wisdom sharing to ultimately expand consciousness and connectedness, and inspire kinder living.

Vandana Sareen

Vandana Sareen was intrigued by and introduced to yoga off the mat as a spiritual practice. Embracing the understanding and experiencing that we are "spiritual beings having a human existence," yoga is a way of life for her. She was pulled to the mat to shed the physical stiffness and fatigue from a desk job. She practices and uses meditation and hatha yoga to loosen up, have fun, and step into the lightness of being. She completed her 200-hour yoga certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in the Bahamas in 2015. Though open to practicing different forms of yoga, her style is gentle yet invigorating focussed on  basic breathing, movement, and yoga asanas to lubricate the body and mind. Her yoga mantra: Life is complex enough, the human body is extremely complex and intelligent, let me keep it simple and joyful, so that it has the space to heal itself.  

Yolanda Beckers

Yolanda Beckers is the Director of the Innerlight and Health and Wellness Sanctuary in Naples, Florida. She has been on the spiritual path for over 30 years. Yolanda has studied naturopathy, ananda yoga, and spring forest Qi Gong. She is a teacher of the Spiritual University of the Brahma Kumaris. Yolanda was taught healing sound techniques by Tibetan monks. She has also taught courses in holistic conflict resolution at Nova University. Yolanda has been giving seminars on body, mind and spirit in different parts of the world. Her true love is to share wisdom and “light” with others.

Julianne Ward

Julianne has consciously travelled the journey of self-understanding in parallel to her many roles of mother, daughter, wife, friend and television producer/executive in Australia. After she participated in the Healing Journey of Silence, Julianne has chosen to follow her heart completely. It was then that she began her transition to living in harmony with herself and the land, learning how to grow things. “It’s what I love and I want to know I did my part to leave the world in the best way possible by living in a truly sustainable way. Healing is fundamental to being able to do that”.



E.Y.E.S., who has worked in the food industry for approximately two decades, will be preparing delicious and healthy meals for the group meeting in person. E.Y.E.S. is passionate about creating visually appealing, delectable dishes from whole foods as part of a healthy lifestyle. He is also passionate about the intersection of healthy eating and functional movement to promote longevity, vitality, and confidence. He currently provides one-on-one fitness training to private clients.