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Day 1

We all have hidden blocks caused by trauma, our programming, and our own limiting beliefs, that impact our lives in ways big and small. Today, we begin the process of learning how to shed light on every part of  us. 

Day 2

Unaddressed blocks have consequences, whether or not we recognize those consequences are originating in those parts of us we have yet to explore. Today, we look at how the things we have refused to look at impact our lives. This is the fuel that will carry you through shining light into every dark corner, even when it's uncomfortable to do so. 


Day 3

Today, we begin to see our own limiting and damaging patterns with clarity, and how they create barriers to living your most authentic, on-purpose life. Glimpses of freedom begin to emerge. 

Day 4

Loss is a normal part of life, and today, we look at the people and things we've lost, come to term with those losses, and recognize the role of our own expectations in those losses. We begin to learn what it means to truly let go of what's already gone, shedding invisible weight. 

Day 5

Today, we begin to actually put the past in the past by tying up loose ends keeping us tied to narratives and beliefs that do not serve us. This is how we step into a life lived in the now, and the freedom that comes from being fully in the present. 

Day 6

When the past is left in the past, there is suddenly nothing in your way from moving forward, and life opens up to you. What direction will you take? What choices will you make? This is a day to truly be intentional with your life, and ask yourself the big questions, like what you really want out of your life, and how you will choose to move about in the world. 

Day 7

This is a day to determine how you will carry the transformation achieved in the last week with you into the rest of your life. How will you integrate the lessons you've learned into your day-to-day existence? And how will ensure that the next part of your journey reflects the learning achieved here? 

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