MAY 15–22, 2021



The Path of Silence

Attaining Freedom From Within

Silence is a powerful tool for reaching the still point within, where we can look analytically but without judgment at ourselves, shining light on all the dark corners to achieve new states of wholeness.


This seven-day silent retreat is a promise of freedom like you’ve never experienced. Free yourself from harmful patterns seen and unseen, reconnect with your inner child, heal old wounds, and recalibrate your compass to create the life you deserve. This is the path to the heart and transformational self-love.


Throughout the week, a small team of expert facilitators will provide you the tools to conduct a thorough self-audit. Each day brings a new theme for self-reflection and private time with a compassionate listener who can help you release the emotions of the previous day.


This tried-and-proven process will leave you lighter, stronger, and with new clarity. Past limitations will fall away, as you learn to approach the world again with an open heart. Rediscover the true you who has been hiding behind old patterns, wounds, and programming. This is real freedom.

This unique healing-learning opportunity is being co-hosted by The Easy Yogi and a small panel of expert healer-facilitators. This retreat is a commitment, to make the time and space to be in uninterrupted silence for a week of your life. No electronics, no distractions, no loved ones but yourself in communion with yourself. And we can promise that as a result, your life will change.


Because of the virtual nature of this retreat, it lends itself well to renting an AirBnB in a tranquil, blissful setting with friends or family members on the path, or by yourself. Whether embarking on this journey alone or with others, the silence is the crucial part. It may feel uncomfortable and unnatural at first, but being alone with nothing but your thoughts is the way through all that hurts you, so you may heal it once and for all.


Consider this a gift. Normally, this transformative experience is priced at $800, but our co-host and facilitator renowned author and global speaker, Caroline Ward has agreed to offer this at half-price to help individuals find freedom within during this time of chaos in the world, because now more than ever, your light is needed. Caroline Ward and our team of compassionate listeners and mentors who have many years of experience using silence as a tool for inner growth, will hold your hand through this life-changing, weeklong event.   


For those who do not otherwise feel they will be able to ensure their weeklong silence, we will be facilitating a very small, in-person experience concurrently with the virtual event in Florida. Please contact us to learn more.   

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a week-long, virtual silent retreat