an Ayurveda-centered journey to greater wholeness

NOVEMBER 11–14, 2021



The Nature of Your Nature Virtual Retreat

Our Elemental Nature | The Elements of Nature | The Qualities of Nature | Our Spiritual Nature | The Qualities of Our Spiritual Nature | Yoga Movement | Herbs & Making Herbal Mixes | Aromatherapy | Meditation

Wherever you are, take a pause. We invite you to honor your divine nature by learning the tools and practices needed to reach greater physical, emotional, and mental wholeness through greater understanding of your elemental nature. This is YOUR time, and Ayurveda, which translates into "the science of life," is the path.

While it is true that our inner state is paramount in shaping our experience in this physical world, understanding ourselves requires exploring our interrelationship with the five elements. We affect them, and they in turn affect us. How do the five elements impact our physical, mental, and emotional make-up? And what practices, from diet to physical care, can we use to heal our relationship with the five elements to reach new levels of physical wellness and spiritual wholeness? Join us for a virtual exploration into Ayurvedic and complementary holistic practices. 

This year has been physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging for the collective. These times call for supported healing through enlightened self-care and connection to those walking our path. What is the cost we incur when we fail to commit to our healing and growth? And what's waiting at the other end when we do the work of remembering and realigning with our highest self? Life's challenges become opportunities and struggle gives way to play when we approach life from a state of elevated wellness. 

This unique healing-learning opportunity is being co-hosted by The Easy Yogi and a small panel of expert healer-facilitators. In addition to a robust offering of sessions, attendees will receive a thoughtfully curated box of gifts designed to help you rebalance your body, mind, and spirit. 

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Past Retreat Testimonials

"I had no idea how vast and deep ayurveda embraces our way of life until this weekend retreat! It was eye-opening, refreshing, light and engaging. I now have a newfound deep respect for how it can enhance the balance of our lives and its tremendous healing effects, whether it be on the skin, state of being, our connection and relationship with our bodies. I'm so glad for this enriching experience which has opened doors to a world I was missing out on and thanks to this retreat and all the wisdom and care in which it was presented and the inspiration to embrace the ancient natural ways of living."

—Dina, Dallas, Texas

"Ayurveda retreat was so beautiful! It helped me a lot to understand and value all elements of nature and harmonized myself with nature. I am practicing some of the methods taught in retreat and I feel so well and balanced. Thank you, Cynthia and Helen!"

—Martha, Mexico


"The Ayurveda retreat was truly an extraordinary experience. It was well organized and even element was necessary for the complete care of a person, spiritually, emotionally, physically. The sessions made me more aware of what I am putting in my body, on my body, in my soul and in my mind. The energy was so powerful that even though we were virtual I felt like we were all sitting in the same room. Would highly recommend this retreat and I would personally love to know more and participate in the future retreats and sessions as well."

—Aarti, Albany, New York