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MARCH 2–6 2023



Wayshower Gathering

Sisterhood, Self Care & Healing in Nature 

Join us for four blissful days BY THE OCEAN on Santa Rosa Sound to share and receive wisdom, reconnect with your divine purpose, and give yourself the gift of healing. You will leave feeling recharged and whole, with a sense or clarity, focus, and joy. 

We are the ones we've been waiting for — the helpers, healers, leaders, and dreamers showing others the way forward. Yet, so often, we're stretched so thin in our daily roles that we're left pouring from an empty cup, tired, achy, and ungrounded. The Wayshower Gathering was created to accelerate your path to self-love, wholeness, and freedom from anything that may be weighing you down.

It’s only when we heal ourselves that we can reflect wholeness back to every facet of our lives and out to the world. This is how a revolution happens: The Gaia Revolution. So love yourself enough to commit to your healing. This is an invitation to honor your divine nature and learn to embody the truest expression of your soul. Learn to FLOW with us! 

This is what self-mastery is about;

it's how you learn to be the best possible captain of your ship. 


Learn to release emotions and trauma stored in your body to feel lighter and clearer than ever. Connect with your inner child to reawaken that sense of awe, wonder, and creativity with which you were born. Learn new tools to stay grounded and connected to your highest self on a daily basis. This isn't just a retreat from daily life; it's an invitation to learn how to make your daily life a reflection of your heart. This is what it means to truly THRIVE.

Join us, sisters, for a truly transformative experience!

This is an intimate, small-group gathering of sisters in healing, a sacred container for reconnecting with yourself and healing your inner child and finding your way back to your fiercest, most joyful, and truest self. From workshops on self-love, gratitude, forgiveness, and resilience to yoga and meditation to music and art, this is a top-to-bottom healing experience for every part of your being.


Registration includes: 1) plush, oceanfront accommodations in a beautiful, resort-style shared home; 2) healthy, vegetarian meals; 3) all group activities, instruction, and instructional materials; and 4) a thoughtfully curated gift package. Every last detail is taken care of so that all you have to do is show up for yourself. Find your BLISS. 

We bring you movement, stillness, flow, friendship, learning, and fun. 

This unique healing-learning opportunity is being co-hosted by The Easy Yogi and a small panel of expert healer-facilitators. If you are interested in attending and have questions, please Contact Us

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