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A R T     &     M U S I C

Art soothes the soul, and music inspires us. That's why we've woven a thoughtfully curated selection of visual arts and musical experiences into this retreat. We invite you to take a stroll through an art-studded nature path, to allow the musical medicine to absorb into your being, and to deeply feel the rhythm of the drums and the magic of your surroundings. This is bliss.  

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Enjoy a meditative stroll in the woods through a winding nature path. Let the art be your guide. This installation includes more than 30 original paintings by Mexican Artist Porfirio Jimenez, from one facilitator's personal art collection. Jimenez paints on plastic sheets using mostly spray paint. His artwork can be found in galleries and private collections across the Yucatan peninsula.


This series is called "Portals," and was appropriately created in 2012. Jimenez paints otherworldly landscapes inspired by the Mayan civilization that invite viewers to find the portals within. The Mayans were master builders, timekeepers, mathematicians, and astronomers. They were also the first people of the pre-Columbian Americas to fully develop a writing system. 


While some theorized that the end of the Mayan long-count calendar in 2012 meant doomsday, many in the spiritual community recognized that 2012 simply represented a portal — a time of collective choice-making: continue down a path of apathy, greed, and destruction, or rise to the challenge of creating a more sustainable and compassionate future for all. When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. The time is NOW. Enter the portal. Welcome to The Gaia Revolution. 


Chandra McGuire is the healer and artist behind Earth Art from the Heart, which is part ministry, part art, as she uses materials from the natural world to create sacred grids that breathe healing back into the earth wherever she goes. Chandra will be blessing the retreat property with her earth art, and teaching participants how to make their own natural art as part of their healing journeys. Through earth art, we can transform chaos into order, creating beauty out of entropy, and find stillness and flow wherever we are. Come, sisters in healing, daughters of Gaia, to adorn our mother as we breathe in the healing she offers. 

"We are all different colors of Earth walking and dancing each other home," says Chandra, who spends much of her time creating sacred earth art, performing grid way, blessing waterways, and helping others in their healing journeys. Chandra's art invites us to connect to our inner knowing, growing, and flowing. 


Este Loves is a soulful singer-songwriter who enjoys spreading love through her singing and guitar playing. She performs her original, high-vibration music, alongside some covers, which are transformed by her own unique style. Este’s music brings awareness and hope, mantras to live by, and universal wisdom. 



Folksinging started as a way to tell a story, an intimate exchange between songwriter and audience. Since its discovery, fire has been used in ceremonial native traditions. Merging these two elements from their ancestors in a sacred way, Penn & 1GirlFire bring a new kind of medicinal performance to spaces across the globe. Returning to the age-old tradition of storytelling, with an accompanying fire dance set to the beat of Penn’s mantras, inspiration, and a meditative mindset, this is music for raising vibrations.  



Barbara Gail is a dynamic alchemist of rhythm, movement, hand-drumming, and dance. She's an accomplished hand-drummer, dancer, percussionist,  edutainer, circle-singer, ceremonialist, and instructor. Well-versed with a BA in Education, she’s a natural leader, teacher’s teacher, and owner of The Rhythm Inlet music store & teaching studio. She is inspired by her ancestry as a descendant of Kohain High Priests and Rabbis, as well as the Priestesses of the Ancient Mediterranean World, who drummed, danced, and sang in reverie and ritual. She will be facilitating drumming-based spiritual experiences. Learn more at 



Kristin hosts crystal bowl healing ceremonies and crystal bowl yoga workshops. She and her partner, who is a percussionist, are finding joy in bringing movement and sound to the community so we can vibrate higher together! Kristin will be accompanying a gratitude guided meditation with singing bowls and will be performing a crystal bowl sound bath during the retreat. 

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