May 14–21, 2022
The Path of Silence Virtual Retreat

Attaining Freedom from Within

Silence is a powerful tool for reaching the still point within, where we can look analytically but without judgment at ourselves, shining light on all the dark corners to achieve new states of wholeness. This seven-day silent retreat is a promise of freedom like you’ve never experienced. Free yourself from harmful patterns seen and unseen, reconnect with your inner child, heal old wounds, and recalibrate your compass to create the life you deserve. This is the path to the heart and transformational self-love. Throughout the week, a small team of expert facilitators will provide you the tools to conduct a thorough self-audit. Each day brings a new theme for self-reflection and private time with a compassionate listener. This tried-and-proven process will leave you lighter, stronger, and with new clarity. Past limitations will fall away, as you learn to approach the world again with an open heart. Rediscover the true you who has been hiding behind old patterns, wounds, and programming. This is real freedom. This unique healing-learning opportunity is being co-hosted by The Easy Yogi 


October 6–9, 2022

Spirituality in Motion

Ignite Healing through Mindful Movement

Spirituality in Motion is an approach to movement that ignites the innate capacity of both body and soul to heal from the effects of trauma and stress, which are stored in our cells. It is founded on the spiritual principle of non-violence, which dictates that power is not the result of gripping and strain, but rather of compassionate release. By encouraging a spiritual awareness of ourselves, we gain greater freedom and self-mastery. At the heart of this innovation in movement is the understanding that all physical action has two components: the body being moved, and the being moving it. They are both distinct and separate, and yet together constitute the fundamental relationship necessary for life. Through guided motion, we can integrate matter and spirit, allowing our light to fill every ounce of our being, transmuting anything that is not for our highest good.  


2022 TBD

The Nature of Your Nature Retreat

An Ayurveda-Centered Journey Into Greater Wholeness

This has been a physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging time for the collective. These times call for supported healing through enlightened self-care and connection to those walking our path. Join a small group of learners in exploring the wisdom of Ayurveda, which translates into "the science of life," and learning how the five elements impact our physical, mental, and emotional make-up. You'll walk away with practices, from diet to physical care, we use to heal our relationship with the five elements to reach new levels of physical wellness and spiritual wholeness. This unique healing-learning opportunity is being co-hosted by The Easy Yogi

March 2–6, 2023

Wayshower Gathering

Sisterhood, Self-Care & Healing in Nature

As the world seemingly crumbles around us in ways large and small, we are the ones we've been waiting for — the helpers, leaders, dreamers and the builders showing others the way forward. Yet, so often, we're stretched so thin in our daily roles that we're left pouring from an empty cup. What is the cost we incur when we fail to commit to our healing and growth? And what's waiting at the other end when we do the work of remembering and realigning with our highest self? Life's challenges become opportunities and struggle gives way to play when we approach life from a state of elevated wellness. Join us for four blissful days in nature to share and receive wisdom, reconnect with our divine purpose, leave feeling recharged and whole.