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Host facilitators are here to take your hand throughout the weekend, ensuring that you have a transformative and enjoyable experience, and guiding you to access the wisdom and healer within you.  

Cynthia Gomez

Ki Rheme

Ki Rehm is an experienced truth guide, integrating the physical, spiritual, and emotional "bodies" for complete connective healing. She began learning about bodywork at the early age of five and started to sense through her hands by the age of eight, working on family and friends for much of her youth. Through Green Tree Goddess, she has been assisting others in their healing journeys since 2003 by providing education and by using her ability to sense others’ pain. Ki is an intuitive psychic with access to the Akashic Records. Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, empathy, retro-cognition, and remote viewing. She also teaches yoga and other fitness classes, and is a bodywork pioneer, developing the Body Code Method for integrative healing. 


Cynthia Gomez

A lifelong student of soul science — the intersection of spirituality with every branch of knowledge — Cynthia Gomez blends spirituality, philosophy, and the sciences to help facilitate quantum healing and conscious living. She is trained in Reiki and other intersectional energy work modalities. Her other spirit-led business endeavors — Light Rising Publishing and StoryTime Me — offer unique publishing solutions to produce content that facilitates empowered personal storytelling, meaning-making, and wisdom sharing to ultimately expand consciousness and connectedness, and inspire kinder living.

G U E S T     F A C I L I T A T O R S

Guest facilitators have been carefully selected. While this retreat is limited to female guests, we have made the decision to include male service providers to ensure a well-rounded schedule of offerings. Our visiting experts may facilitate workshops, share hosting duties, and provide one-on-one, a la carte services. See our Art & Music page for music performers and visual art information. 

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Kristin Barber

Kristin Barber started practicing yoga in 2007 after a recommendation from a chiropractor to address chronic neck and spine pain. Once hooked on the physical, with no intention to teach, she started to take training to improve her own practice, alignment, and, more importantly, philosophy. Yet it was her darma to continue to pass the knowledge that was given to her, and recently, Kristin has been exploring sound healing, hosting crystal bowl healing ceremonies and crystal bowl yoga workshops. She and her partner, who is a percussionist, are finding joy in bringing movement and sound to the community so we can vibrate higher together! 


Helen Blaaker

Helen Blaaker has studied, practiced, and taught Raja Yoga Meditation, a form of meditation mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita for gaining understanding of and control over self, for more than 15 years. Her passion of seeing mindfulness become the norm in our day-to-day lives is evident in her brand, MindfulCITY, South Florida's local online guide to conscious living. Working in the financial industry while maintaining a dedicated meditation practice has gently encouraged her to find and teach ways to integrate mindfulness in people’s daily lives, including through the MindfulCITY podcast.

Barbara Gail

Barbara Gail has been a dynamic alchemist in the arts of rhythm, movement, hand-drumming, and dance, professionally, since 1993. She's an accomplished hand-drummer, dancer, percussionist, children’s edutainer, circle-singer, ceremonialist, and seasoned instructor of group drum and dance classes, workshops, & events. Well-versed with a BA in Education, she’s a natural leader, teacher’s teacher, & owner of The Rhythm Inlet music store and teaching studio. Her original & dynamic programs provide high quality, memorable, spirited & IN-powering experiences. Barbara is inspired by her ancestry as a descendant of Kohain High Priests and Rabbis, as well as the Priestesses of the Ancient Mediterranean World who drummed, danced, and sang in reverie and ritual. 

Brandon Hylton

Brandon Hylton is a 300-hour certified yoga instructor and has been practicing massage therapy in the Tampa Bay area for the last five years. He uses his intuitive knowledge of the human body to develop personalized sessions, helping to clear trauma and disease from clients' bodies. He will be offering deep tissue, prenatal, and Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, crystal healing, detoxification, and private yoga sessions, as well as commUNITY yoga, during the retreat. Brandon offers all bodywork on a Richway Biomat, which sends far infrared sauna waves and amethyst crystal healing energy through the body during sessions, aiding in detoxing and deep meditation. 


Maria R. Malec

For the past two decades, Maria R. Malec has been a wellness warrior for informed self-care and chemical-free living. Through Aroma Living by Design, she thrives on teaching others how to achieve radical, total wellness using the KISS Method, Keep It Simple Self-Care. She also helps others learn how to master themselves by creating a true heart and mind connection while living above the wellness line. Maria gets jazzed by helping people make informed decisions and becoming confident at caring for themselves and their families. She's "#justamom" on a mission with a heart for sharing what works to make the world a better place for all. She will be offering e-on-one raindrops massage sessions, sensory alignment, and aroma dome sessions with essential oils. Her services are charged at a special rate of $85 an hour and include an experience kit gift, valued at $30.

Chandra Mcguire

Chandra Mcguire is a lifelong healer who became a medical assistant early in life as her mother fell ill, later adding massage therapy to her list of skills. Following her mother's continuation day, Chandra fled a mediocre life, and in following Spirit, found healing and her life's calling as a wandering healer, accepting love donations for her work. She is a grid worker, water protector, and spiritual coach. Chandra's Earth Art from the Heart is part ministry, part art, as she uses materials from the natural world to create sacred grids that breathe healing back into the earth wherever she goes. Chandra is also working to create accessible sacred gathering spaces to bring healing to inner-city communities.

Jennifer Sansom Monnich

Although originally from Illinois, Jennifer Sansom Monnich was truly born in the summer of 2010, when she landed in Hawaii with her husband and son, and her spirit awakened, sending her on a journey of discovery through the Aina (land) and Ohana (family). After landing in Florida five years later, her father’s unexpected passing sent her into further down the path of self-reflection and discovery. She has studied under many extraordinary and powerful teachers and healers along the way, including Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudey through his Inner Engendering course.  Embodying love, understanding, compassion, and joy, Jennifer is excited to help you break free from limitations to live a more free and fulfilling life. 

Angel Smith

Angel Smith is a Level II Reiki Practitioner certified by Lisa Powers and a Hypnotherapist trained by the most successful hypnotherapist today, Grace Smith. Having spent much of her life informally providing energy work and spiritual guidance to her friends and family members, Angel sought out the best education to provide professional yet heart-centered care to her clients. Angel’s guiding philosophy is that she is a facilitator to her clients’ own self-healing rather than a healer herself. Angel is graciously offering a 50% discount from her $60/hour rate to retreat participants, both for services rendered during the retreat, as well for any follow-up work on the same topic they may choose to pursue post-retreat. 

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